Graveyard Slaughter
Graveyard Slaughter Horror Comic

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"What makes Graveyard Slaughter such a blast

is these talented writers and artists somehow

infuse the pages with the vibe and spirit

of those old video stores and their movies."

 -Paul Tremblay (Best-selling and Award-winning author)   

“Video store wonderment, arcades and slasher gore, everything I wanted

when I was 9!”

   -CM Punk 

"Reading this collection felt like stepping back in time to my first reads of Goosebumps,

or watching Are you Afraid of the Dark."

-The Convention Collective

"Stories of the lunatic in the woods, the teens drinking and partying, or the game of hide and seek in the graveyard are all tropes that have been used often. It is the execution of these stories and, in some, the ending that keeps you engaged in Graveyard Slaughter."


"Their 50-page comic book anthology perfectly embraces the bloody madness and nostalgia of classic '80s VHS gore and those passionately curated horror aisles of the deep-dive video rental stores."


"80s homage that is perfectly brought to life with thrills and chills that will ignite your imagination as you get lost in this world."

 -Reading With A Flight Ring


"Come for the monsters, the gore, and the scares, and stay for the exact same reason. It’s truly an enjoyable read for anyone that loves the camp, gore, and horror that the 1980s did so well." 

 -Monkeys Fighting Robots

"It’s hard not to love this book. Graveyard Slaughter #1 embraces the off the wall mania of the VHS horror section."

  -But Why Tho?

"Graveyard Slaughter is dripping with '80s nostalgia and covered in blood...all of the stories  feel like they were pulled right from my childhood."

  -Horror DNA